Thursday, September 4, 2014

I'm Back with a Brand New Look!!!

So...I decided to make the blog look more professional.  Completely redo it.  So when we got back from my parents' on Sunday (they live 4 hours away), I made it my mission to redo the blog on Monday.  

I failed.


I broke the blog.  BROKE IT.  It looked awful.  Nothing worked.  I almost broke the laptop.  I cried.  I gave up.

So on Tuesday, I decided to just keep looking at templates and find something that spoke to me.  In the span of time it took me to open 2 websites, we completely lost internet.  A large part of the state lost internet (a cut fiber, or something?) and we didn't get it back until 9pm.  So that wasn't happening either.

Then this morning, amiss doctors appointments and running to the grocery store, I found a template I love (and is now a part of this blog!  Yay!) only to be forced to have my husband install it, cause I couldn't figure it out.  

Everything is finally resolved (almost! The Book Reviews tab is not working, but that will be resolved soon!) and I feel confident in saying...Welcome to the new Happy Cloud Reviews, guys!!   Thanks for all the support!!

I'm still on Twitter!!  And I'm more active!!  Let's follow each other!!

I will resume posting reviews, which I am VERY behind in, tomorrow!!


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