Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine

This is a novel I'm not entirely sure how to explain or review.  

Publisher:  Forever

Date Published:  March 4, 2014
Number of Pages:  285

Pixie and Levi haven't spoken in nearly a year when they find themselves working―and living―at the same inn in the middle of nowhere. Once upon a time, they were childhood friends. But that was before everything went to hell. And now things are... awkward.

All they want to do is avoid each other, and their past, for as long as possible. But now that they're forced to share a bathroom, and therefore a shower, keeping their distance from one another becomes less difficult than keeping their hands off each other. Welcome to the hallway of awkward tension and sexual frustration, folks. Get comfy. It’s going to be a long summer.  (from Goodreads)

It's a differing perspective story about a girl named Pixie and a guy named Levi, who grow up together in a small town in Arizona and are brought together by Levi's sister, who becomes Pixie (aka Sarah)'s best friend.  And it starts with them barely speaking to each other and jumping back and forth and hinting at something big that has happened to tear them apart, though you don't learn of it until around 100 or so pages in.

Let me just say, I can usually burn through a New Adult in a day or so.  Typically a day, but some take me a day and a half.  I think I've been reading this book for 4 days.  That's a long time in my world.  I thought I would end up deeming this one DNF (did not finish) but kept hoping it would get better.  It did!

Pixie was slightly infuriating. There were so many times where she would just about say what happened (which you can guess!! It wasn't really a shocker.) And then Levi would just be like "she's so infuriating but nobody else can have her!" Which was kind of....yeah. Just out with it guys.

The last 100 or so pages were great.  Honestly great.  They needed everything that happened. It made me smile and it made me laugh.  It also made me want to read more by Chelsea Fine!! Redemption!! It sucked me in and once the secrets were flowing I just couldn't stop.  Fantastic.  The ending was great, couldn't ask for more, and it made me rate the higher than I would have otherwise. 

3.5 (really close to 4.... Like really really close!!) out of 5 happy clouds :)  It was great.  I'd totally recommend it.


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