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The Protectors by Trey Dowell

Source:  ARC  
Genre:  Adult Thriller
Publisher: Simon & Schuster/ Simon 451
Date Published: October 7, 2014
Number of Pages:  330
**I received this ARC on NetGalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.

An enthralling debut, The Protectors offers a dark twist on the classic superhero story as fallen hero Scott McAlister embarks on a globe-hopping chase to stop his former teammate—and ex-lover—gone rogue.

Don’t call him a superhero.

Heroes change the world. Scott McAlister? On a good day, he manages to change out of sweatpants.

It wasn’t always like this. Scott used to be leader of the Protectors, the world’s one and only squad of superheroes. It was a decent gig, but far from the shiny force for good the UN advertised. He could abide the publicity stunts, the lies, the ham-fisted government handlers—but when one of the Protectors died under his command, it was too much. Wracked with guilt, Scott stepped down and into an early retirement.

Now, five years later, a desperate CIA chief shows up on Scott’s doorstep with a polite request and a cadre of shock troops to ensure that Scott accepts. His ex-teammate and ex-lover, Lyla Ravzi, has gone rogue. The former Protector has the ability to control minds, and she’s no longer interested in “protecting.” She wants world domination.

Scott’s mission is simple: Find Lyla and stop her. The messy little details are up to him. It’s the last thing Scott needs after five years spent trying to forget the Protectors and to get over Lyla, but the alternative is worse.

As he closes in on his target, Scott is forced to confront his past and face a chilling reality: Can he save the world and the woman he once loved? Or will he have to choose?  (from Goodreads)

Let me start off by saying I loved this. I honestly did.  I am a gigantic superhero fan.  My husband believes he is Batman, which is why he is sometimes referred to as Batman on this blog.  I have seen almost every single Marvel "Avengers" movies in theatres (with the exception being the Iron Man trilogy, and Thor).  Superheros are a HUGE thing in my household.

With that in mind, when I saw this up on NetGalley I had to get it and read it immediately.  I wasn't disappointed.  This was amazing.  Action packed, a little romance, throw in government conspiracy and *surprise* CIA wants certain superheroes dead, this was an absolutely wonderful weekend read.

I loved Scott and Lyla.  They bicker, argue, damn near kill each other, finally find friendship, and then it's like "is this real, or is she just embracing me?"  I loved that.  You never truly knew what was a real emotion or one put in place by Lyla.  Plus, they are both so hurt over 
their past that there were points I thought they were just going to kill each other or give up on the mission.  

When it comes to the "hero powers" I was really happy that they were rather simplistic powers, and not Marvel-ly at all.  Knock Out can put people to sleep with his mind.  Aphrodite can embrace anyone and they will do whatever she tells them to.  Blaster deals with electricity and can move at the speed of light (as a lightning bolt?).  And Carsten has unbelievable strength.  They were expected, but not at all over the top.  I truly loved that.  I don't want to read a book about a guy who suddenly became like spider man, or Tony Stark.  I want simple.  And this gave it to me.

The plot is action packed and keeps evolving so there are no slow points, or "is this over yet?" parts.  If you look at the end of the book and look back to the beginning, you wouldn't have anticipated much of what happened from what happens at the beginning.  I love things like that.  I like to be surprised by what comes next, and have a totally awesome and unexpected ending.  That makes me smile. 

Overall, this book was great.  I don't have any real criticism for it.  I enjoyed it.  The superheroes were awesome, and their explanation for being there was completely awesome.  If this were to happen in the real world, I wouldn't be surprised by anything that happened if it went kind of how this book did.  They just kind of are here for no reason at all and they don't even know why they are the way they are.  That's great.  

If your a fan of Marvel's The Avengers, or superheroes in general, you will definitely get a kick out of this thriller!!  It's fantastic!

                                         4 out of 5 Happy Clouds :)


Trey Dowell said...

This made my day! You got EXACTLY what I was trying to accomplish with this story. So happy you loved Scott & Lyla. I do too. ;)

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