Thursday, October 23, 2014

#HaleNo, #BloggerBlackout, and Blog Updates

Its been so long, but with very good reason!! *this post is not formatted because I am using an app, on mini vacation, and don't have my laptop handy*

First of all, Happy Cloud Reviews will be joining Dear Author and other book bloggers for #bloggerblackout, basically meaning I will not be posting reviews for New Releases (which I have a few!) For the next week in light of all of the KH drama and #HaleNo.  My New Release reviews (and all other reviews and features) will begin posting early morning of Nov. 1st.

Secondly, where have I been?? blog is being completely reformatted and I am getting brand new graphics, logo, the works, and my wonderful husband has been doing it all over the past 3 weeks. So I've been reading, supervising that (because this is still my blog), enjoying having a toddler, writing reviews, and following #HaleNo and GamerGate at a rather unflattering rate. I meant to format my reviews and start getting them up, but life kept happening. And then I set a few to start uploading this week and decided to postpone that due to the KH situation.

So, Kathleen Hale...? Yep. That happened. I had ACTUALLY just started No One Else Can Have You 2 days before that whole fiasco began. Needless to say, I immediately stopped reading that. I don't support stalkers. Especially considering I've been stalked as a teenager, I was disturbed, frightened, and angry about her piece. My husband asked if I wanted to quit blogging and just be a reader. I said no. I actually enjoy what I do. I might be new and inexperienced, but I have had great experiences blogging about books. Plus the authors I have interacted with are amazing and have been very supportive of me and my blog.

For the record, I use a pseudonym for my own safety and the safety of my child. Coley Belle are both names that have very deep significance to myself and my family. They were not picked out of the sky and I have been called Coley by close friends for almost 10 years. I turn 26 on December 9th and I have a 1 year old toddler. I am a stay at home mom. And I will always be upfront with you guys.

Sorry for the long post, but this is what's going on. I hope you all are well and I will see you November 1st for blog relaunch, and book reviews!!

-Coley Belle


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