Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mistletoe Wedding by Melissa McClone

Source:  ARC
Genre:  Adult Romance, Holiday
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
Date Published:  October 16, 2014
Number of Pages:  T.B.D.
I received an ebook ARC of this book through NetGalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  I was not compensated in any form for my opinions, or the review.

Event planner at the Bar V5 Dude Ranch, Meg Redstone is dreaming of a white Christmas with twinkling lights, sparkly decorations and strategically placed mistletoe. She loves making dreams come true for others, whether planning a holiday wedding or giving her young daughter the best Christmas ever. 

Ranch foreman Tyler Murphy loves the holidays, but his newest employee has taken over his barn with her over-the-top decorations. He admires Meg’s desire to give her daughter the perfect Christmas while planning a winter wonderland wedding, but he wants to show her that a Montana Christmas is more than glitter and lights. 

After raising his younger sister, an instant family is not on Ty's Christmas wish list. But he finds himself falling hard for the single mom and her little girl. Meg, however, is not interested in a romance with a cowboy like Ty, or any man. Getting her under the mistletoe is going to take a Christmas miracle . . . or a little help from Santa.   (from Amazon, since there isn't a Goodreads page thus far.)

I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand it was incredible sweet and heart warming. On the other hand, the love was bizarre and the ending was... Expected and infuriating.

I like Ty and Meg as characters and I think that Brooklyn is absolutely adorable. But if I'm being honest, you don't go from "absolutely no family" to "yeah I could date her and I love that kid and I love her" in the blink of an eye.

This book would have been fantastic if it was longer. It could use another 100 pages to really draw out the friendship and ease into love. You see Ty go nope I don't feel this way to declaring his love and there is no explanation on how he ever got there.

Things to know: this is book 2 in a Montana Born Christmas Romance series, and the books do kind of reference each other. There is mention of Blake, who is a main character in Blame the Mistletoe (see review here), though they are written by different authors. This author has written Christmas romance stories about the other characters you meet, Noah and Caitlin, and Rachel and Nate. Wish I had known that earlier and read those before this one because this is book 3 in that Christmas series.

Overall, it was okay for a Christmas novel. The plot is so so, but I enjoyed the characters. It definitely hit the Christmas theme and I now want to have a real Montana Christmas.

3 out of 5 Happy Clouds :)


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